Top 6 Ways to Customize Telegram App on iPhone and Android

Apart from privacy and security features, one of the reasons for Telegram’s striking popularity is customization options. With relevant options, you can completely change the Telegram experience on your Android or iPhone. Here are the best six ways to customize the Telegram app on your phone.

Rivaling WhatsApp and Signal, Telegram has jam-packed the app with privacy add-ons and customization options. The app allows you to change the background wallpaper, text size, theme, app icons, and more. Sound interesting, right? Let’s explore them.

1. Change Chat Background

This one is basic, and it’s practically available in any messaging app now. You can change the background wallpaper in the Telegram chat and even add one from the Gallery app.

Since Telegram uses different UI on both the iPhone and Android apps, we will divide each section into two categories.


Step 1: Open Telegram and go to Settings.

Go to settings
Open appearance menu

Step 2: Navigate to Appearance > Chat Background and select a relevant wallpaper from the list.

Chat background iphone
Change chat background

You can even apply wallpaper from the Photos app. Tap on Choose from Photos and select an image.


Step 1: Open Telegram and use the hamburger menu to go into Settings.

Open telegram settings
Chat settings menu

Step 2: Select Chat Settings > Change Chat Background.

Change chat background
Change wallpaper

You can select from the default ones or try one from the Gallery app.

2. Change App Theme

This is yet another cool feature that allows you to change the look and feel of Telegram. By default, the Telegram theme is set at Blue. You can change it to Green, Pink, Red, and more.


Step 1: Open Telegram and go to Settings > Appearance menu.

Open appearance menu

Step 2: Select your favorite theme from the Color menu and tap on the three-dot menu for further customization.

Step 3: You can select a specific color for Background, Accent, and Messages.

Theme customization
Change theme iphone


Step 1: From Telegram Settings, open the Chat Settings menu.

Chat settings menu

Step 2: Select the Color theme and tap on the three-dot menu. Similar to iOS, you can change Background, Accent, and Messages color to your liking.

Color theme menu

3. Change Text Size

If the default text size is too big or small, you can also customize that in Telegram. Here’s how.


Step 1: Go to Telegram Settings > Appearance > Text Size.

Text size menu
Change telegram text size on iphone

Step 2: By default, Telegram uses system Text size. Increase or decrease it based on your preference. Hit Set and you are good to go.


Step 1: Navigate to Telegram Settings > Chat Settings.

Chat settings menu
Change telegram message text size

Step 2: Use the slider and increase or decrease the Telegram text size.

4. Change Message Corners

If you are not fond of messages corners in Telegram, you can reduce the corner radius.


Step 1: Open the Appearance menu in Telegram Settings.

Message corners
Iphone message corners

Step 2: Select Message Corner and dial down the corner curve around messages.


Step 1: Go to Chat Settings in Telegram.

Step 2: Use the slider to change the message’s corner radius. You can check the live preview from the top.

Chat settings menu
Change message corner

5. Change Telegram App Icon

If the default Telegram app icon feels boring, it’s time to change it from the Settings menu.


Step 1: Go to Telegram Settings > Appearance menu.

Step 2: Scroll down and select a relevant app icon for Telegram. We liked the one with a gradient theme.

Open appearance menu
Change app icon


Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t offer the same icon set on the Android app. Don’t worry though. The Play Store is filled with many excellent third-party icon packs. You can install them and change the app icons for Telegram and other installed apps.

6. Create a Custom Theme

Telegram’s customization options don’t end here. Users can even go ahead and create a custom theme for themselves. Here’s how to create a custom Telegram theme.


Step 1: Navigate to Telegram Settings > Appearance menu.

Step 2: Tap on the + icon at the upper right corner.

Create new theme on iphone

Step 3: Select Create New Theme.

Step 4: Change Background colors, accents, Messages, and pick a custom wallpaper.

Custom theme telegram iphone

Give your custom theme a name and hit Done at the top.


Step 1: From the Chat Settings menu in Telegram, tap on the three-dot option at the top.

Step 2: Select Create a new theme.

Create new theme in telegram android
Telegram theme editor

Step 3: Give the theme a name, and a theme editor will appear.

Step 4: Tap on it the select color, background, and other elements to save in your custom theme.

Telegram create new theme

You will find the custom theme from the Color theme menu.

Make Telegram Yours

Telegram has nailed the personalization part. With so many options at your disposal, you can truly change the whole Telegram experience. Some of the theming options extend to the Telegram desktop app as well.

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